Full Color Badges

Printed plastic that is laminated to clear vinyl for print protection and proper thickness.

  • Low minimum order of 25 badges
  • Full-color process printing
  • Standard thickness is 40 mil. Other thicknesses are available, 12 - 60 mil.
  • Use any self-adhesive label maker to personalize.
  • Engrave-able for professional personalization appearance
  • Standard pin back, clip or slotted hole included in price.
  • No Set-up charge for print ready artwork
  • Magnetic or pocket styles are optional

Re-usable Badges (Slotted Badges)

This is a laminated badge with a space for an insert similar to file folders.   You simply  print the person's name on a piece of paper or the provided heavy paper and slide it into the slot.
The badge can be re-used by replacing the insert.
Available insert sizes: 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/4"

Hot Stamped Badges

Hot foil stamping is the process of  transferring an image from a colored ribbon to the badge material. Some of the advantages of hot stamping are:

  • Standard thickness is 60 mil.
  • Engrave-able for personalization
  • It comes with either pin back, clip, or slotted hole.
  • Magnet or pocket style are optional.
  • Die charge: $85.00 per foil color

Custom Shape Badges

Using any of the above method, a custom shape can be cut per your specification.  There is no additional charge for this feature.  

Engraved Badges

Engraving adds a professional appearance to the badge. 
The process requires a material constructed of 2 different colored layers.  By cutting through the top layer, the back layer shows through the letters.
We have the capabilities to produce the material in-house with a wide selection of custom colors. 

Review our website, then call us. We are here to assist you through the process.

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